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Ratni Finserv

About Us

Ratnifinserv is a Delhi based Wealth manager engaged in providing turnkey financial solutions to Individuals and Family Offices.

We’re on a Mission to Touch 1 MILLION LIVES and improvise financial literacy rate in India. In this context, we conduct unbiased and innovative financial awareness programs across 20+ CPSE units pan India. We’re proud to have impacted the life of thousands of participants through these training programs across Maharatna, Navratna, & Miniratna CPSEs & Civil Services.

We also offer Financial Advisory services to E8, E9 & Director grade officers across CPSEs and Civil Services.

Our founder, is a Positivity Influencer, Activator and a Constant Learner. He is a successful Entrepreneur and is widely known amidst PSU employees for his unique TAX NEUTRAL RETIREMENT PLANNING.

By Qualification, he is a Certified Investment Advisor, holds a Masters in Finance and an alumnus of the prestigious St. Xavier’s College, Kolkata. He hails with over 10+ years of experience in Research & Advisory. He is a Volatility Coach and affiliated with the Financial Freedom Faternity and provides training to Financial Advisors across the country.

He is also an avid reader, reading and reviewing almost 20+ books in a year and take massive consistent actions to improvise the thought process of his audience. He runs several channels sharing unbiased qualitative knowledge from life changing books on a daily basis. He is philanthropically active and on the board of Plus Approach Foundation (PAF) destined to support the weaker section of society through education, health care and positive thinking.


Our Philosophy

our philosophy

We focus on the following pillars of Investments:

1.  PRESERVAION of wealth by ensuring adequate insurance and safeguarding assets against internal/ external risks
2. WEALTH EXTRAPOLATION involves disciplined and customized planning with regular monitoring
3. ESCALATION TO FAMILY OFFICE as wealth grown for efficient management and better tax planning
4. UNENCUMBERED ESTATE PLANNING involves passing of wealth in an efficient manner and clear directive to avoid family disputes These              should lead to MAKE YOUR MONEY WORK HARDER THAN YOU

Investment Strategy

Investment Stategy

Time To Goal – Identify the time left to achieve any particular goal. for example- My daughter is 10 yr and I want a marriage fund at 25 yrs     of her age. So, 15 yrs is the time to GOAL
Impact of Inflation – Identify the applicable inflation rate to a particular goal. for example- Inflation applicable on marriage fund is 7%.
Monetary Value Today – Identifying the amount to be spent on a goal in current value term. for example- Daughter’s marriage today can     be done in 25 lakhs.
Estimated Corpus – Calculating future value required based on above factors. For example – Future value of INR 25 lakh after 15 yrs @ 7%       inflation is ~INR 69 Lakhs.

Discounting the future value amount at expected rate of return gives the monthly investment required to achieve this corpus. In the above example– The Goal of INR 69 Lakh in 15 years may be achieved by investing INR 14,000/- per month in equities @ 12%.

Investment Strategy Execution

Investment strategy execution

Our investment strategy is to tackle the financial requirements in order of their priority.

Step 1: Create client profile with existing, assets, liabilities and future financial responsibilities.
Step 2: Set your future financial goals & make a plan of action
Step 3: Get yourself adequately Insured first
Step 4: Tackle your debt and prepare a repayment plan
Step 5: Start investing in line with your plan and regularly monitor the portfolio Review the above plan once every year.